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Two Days a Week...

I’ve started working out with some guys at work. Our gym is closes at 2300 which is the same time we get out of work, so we can’t go there. However, there is another gym available to use but it’s mostly upper body stuff (for instance they have a Smith Rack or whatever it’s called (which i’ve heard is bad for your back, is this true?) and nothing else concerning lower body).

Anyway, they have pretty much everything regarding upper body workouts, which is something I need to focus on anyway (especially arms and chest)…

We workout Tuesdays and Thursdays and run MWF. I was wondering if ya’ll could suggest some things to do on workout days so I don’t kind of plod around in there for an hour or however long doing random things, because that’s not efficient at all.

Thanks for the help.

if it has a dumbell rack use it forget the smith machine it is somewhat controversial, go to the beginner section read ar you a beginner then click on the articles that relate to you, try to do lower body work, if that is too hard for you then maybe you just cut the lower body stuff from suggested routines also man up and do squats deadlifts.

Lower body ideas : bulgarian split squats with DB’s, one arm DB snatches, DB RDL’s, DL lunges, pistols, DB front squats (rest the DB’s on your shoulders), Cable pull-through, power cleans/snatches, front squats from clean, overhead squats from snatch, step-ups…

Yeah I did some Bulgarian squats tonight, they hurt. Haha… I’d love to do snatches but there isn’t enough room in there.

Thanks for the ideas, though, i’ll work 'em in!