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Two Days a Week Plan


Due to work, I am on the road and gone from home mon-fri. I work a pretty laborious job building the railway. I take a kettlebell with me to do a little training in my motel room. I am looking for a powerlifting based/type program. There's Jim Wendlers 2 day a week and I also seen Pavel Tsatsoulines 2 day a week where you deadlift and bench one day and squat and bench another.

The question is can you do back to back sessions as I really only have saturday and sunday to train with a bar.


If that’s your only option to do Saturday-Sunday back to back workouts like that I would just do it, its better than not being able to.


Might be worthwhile to ask about using “Double Stimulation” as a Sat-Sun program with lots of flexibility and recovery type work during the week. https://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/double-stimulation-training

I haven’t tried double stimulation training, but faced with your problem, I probably would, if only because Sunday really shouldn’t make going in to work Monday any worse than it already is.

I’ve found that MAG-10 and Plazma are basically magic when it comes to not getting beaten down by long days of manual labor. If you’re “laboring” in a low-carb kind of way (like dragging sacks), MAG-10, if there’s lots of running and carb-fueled work, Plazma is the way to go. I choose a big bottle of MAG-10 for a pulse feast type plan over whatever crap unhealthy breakfast/lunch I can get on a work site.


My work day consists of lifting and carrying heavy stuff and swinging a sledgehammer for at least ten hours a day. I usually fast all day with a large meal at night. I am experimenting with some bcaa around lunch though. I have also gave thought to the pulse feast method. Just not sure if I want to spend that kind of money on MAG-10 yet.


Since you’re already fasting and doing hard labor, you’d probably get a lot out of drinking 1-3 pulses of MAG-10 throughout the period where you’re working. I’ve done it, and at the end of the week I was going just as hard as I was at the beginning, same goes for the end of the month. I’ve tried BCAA instead of MAG-10, it helped, but it just isn’t the same.

The type of work you do sounds close enough to what I was doing. This isn’t what I did, but it’s what I would do when faced with the same problem:

-If I’m expecting to do something I could compare to sprinting. Indigo-3G if I didn’t have it before dinner yesterday, Flameout, 1-2 Plazma
-If I’m not going to be doing that kind of thing, I would probably just drink MAG-10 as I was coming in to work.
Pack 1-3 MAG-10 pulse (or servings of Plazma if you’re really going to be kicking ass), drink throughout the day.
Dinner: Indigo-3G if the day kicked my ass and I hadn’t taken it in the morning, clean carbs to ‘feed’ Ingio-3G and make up the calorie deficit (nice plain rice), some healthy meat and superfood/fruit and veg, maybe some peanut butter, coconut oil, etc to cover fats–FA-3 was awesome here.

By the standards of this website, I’m not the strongest, leanest, or fittest, but thanks to aggressive supplementation, I was able to keep up with much, much tougher guys for the duration.


If you’re going to do a 2 day a week plan back to back, I’d probably alternate the days week-to-week.

E.g., deadlift and press on Saturday, squat and bench on Sunday. Next week, squat and bench on Saturday, deadlift and press on Sunday.

Obviously your pressing will affect your benching, and vice versa, just as your squatting will affect your deadlifting. This way at least you emphasize one while you’re fresher each week.


If you work physically all week just train one intense session a week and hit some hard low rep sets to build strength in the main lifts. Take Sunday off and rest. You don’t need volume, just a strength session, and you need some rest.

4-5 sets heavy bench or overhead press
4-5 sets heavy squats
5 singles of heavy deadlift
sprinkle some rows, pullups, cleans and/or dips in wherever
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