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Two Days a Week and Size


I need input from the guys in the trenches. I have a wedding to attend in August and there might be a job position opening up where size might come in handy. So size and strength are where my goals and energy are aimed. Unfortunately, at this time I can only hit the barbells on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday due to working out of town and motel living. I do bring a kettlebell with me to at least get something done. I will be doing 5/3/1 two days a week until my work schedule allows me to do more. I will be using the template of squat and bench on friday and deadlift and press on Sunday. The original 5/3/1 rep and set. Are there any tips to make this more productive or just plug along and stay the course?


What I would suggest is:

As you are doing the 531 2 day template for strength, for size why not do some high reps body weight work during the week?

Pistol squats, landmine squats lifting the bed, push ups (clap push ups when you get good at them), dips between 2 chairs…maybe you can even buy that pull up bar you can put on doors and you can do pull up, chin ups, hanging leg raises.

You should be able to get some volume and muscle fatigue during the week and work on your strength/volume with 531 during the weekends


As only 2 days a week, recovery should not be a problem so can really crank up the volume of assistance and pump work, everything for 5x15-20 reps, short rest, supersets with opposing muscle groups etc.

For looking big in a suit prioritise side delts and lat pulldown type movements

Fo hotel workouts get some light powerlifting bands and do loads of high tension mobility work to fill in the gaps and also get the blood pumping…


Thanks guys. Hopefully some work opens up and I can get on the Krypteria program when I can commit to the required days.


Krypteia won’t be something for you. It’s 3 to 4 times training a week.


The two days a week program is great. Just do a 6 weeks cycle before deload and bust your ass for the other two.

As long as your kettle bell weight more the 35lbs, your conditioning will be fine on your hotel days.


don’t think you really have to deload. there’s a lot of regeneration if only trained 2 days. but you can do some TM testing after some cycles and use one week for it…


I forgot to mention what I do during the week with the kettlebell. It’s Pavel Tsatsoulines S&S program. Swings and Turkish getups with some goblet squats as a warm up.