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Two Day Template


I am going to commit to the two day template. My question is should I use the 5's progression or the standard 531rep scheme? If I have extra time and energy, should I do fsl and for which exercise? Both or just one?


There are no 2 days template in any of the books?


Page 59 - Beyond
I thought I saw it somewhere else too


You don't have to choose. Do something like this:

1-2: 5s Pro, 5x5 FSL
3-4: Rest Pause
5: Rep PR's + 3x5 FSL


Your next book or article should definitely be about 5/3.

Love the concept.


JFG, there is everything from a 2 day to a 7 days per week template in the books. You should definitely think about rereading them thoroughly or reading them.


You shall get it - its a big part of the book.


You would do that for me?

Ah shucks...