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Two Day Clen Cycle

From what I understand 2 weeks on 2 weeks off is pretty standard. Well I recently read a study that stated 2 days on 2 days off provided as much if not more of the benefits while virtually eliminating the negative side effects. Regretfully, I didn’t save the study and have been unable to find anything about a 2 day cycle (also claimed this cycle could be maintained for excessively long periods). Does anyone have any experience with this kind of use or can comment on the effectiveness? Also, since theoretically 2 days is not long enough to significantly cause any down regulation of beta receptors would taking benadryl on the off days be of value?

Disclaimer: Before I get lynched for not providing any info on how I intend to use it, for what purpose, or my training history… I am not intending to use it right now. I’m just knowledge hungry and this shit interests the fuck out of me.

Clen’s half life seems too long to make 2 on 2 off a reasonable long term plan. The half life is nearly two days…so your two days off, while better than nothing, would not be incredibly effective.

And certainly a week off would make more sense. The receptors will not be downgraded significantly in only a week, so Id say 2 days on only as an attempt to avoid degration would not make much sense.

Although certainly using benydryll during will help clean those receptors a bit. As well as simply allowing you to sleep (which I can not on clen, and hence dont use it)

i used clen and it seems like any kind of cycling where you have same time on as off works fine…2 weeks on clen gives you enough time to get to a steady dose that you are gonna use but also the anabolic effects start to decrease…and 2 days doesn’t let you ramp up to a high enough dose

my personal favorite was 4 days on 3 days off…1 week…

Thanks guys. Continuing with the research, I found a study that showed that horses given .8mcg/kg/day for 12 days showed 30-40% receptor degradation but by 4 days after withdrawal receptor density and sensitivity had returned to predrug levels. This would suggest that receptor recovery time is roughly a third of usage time and something like a 2 week on 1 week off cycle might be effective. Thoughts?

immediate thoughts…those are horses and not humans? also 0.8mcg/kg/day is a fairly low dose, that would mean a person of 220lb was getting only 80mcg… it would take less to re-sensitize the receptors after a low dose