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Two Day: 5/3/1 + Rest Pause


I just thought about bis to continue my training after i got back from vacancy. In the past i made some good gains using 5/3/1. the 6-week-challenge aticle got my attention and i want to give it a try for at least 6 weeks.

Is there someone who already finished it and can tell about his experience?

My goals are:
- gertting bigger and stronger
- not getting two fat, but i do not belive in getting fat with such a workout.
- rebuild the squar ( i will set the TM really low)


search through this forum.

joey waters has posted at length about the RP Challenge,


Check the forum - like the guy above me said, Joey and others have done it. If you don’t 100% believe, it won’t work.


Thanks for the hint! This guy strongly recommends this version.

To the point of believing: i definately believe in 5/3/1 principles. The program gave me the best results i ever had. I also belive that using Restpause lead to some good gains if used correctly.

I just tested one session feel really good about it. There are just two things i’m not sure about:

  1. if i hit hart on Squats (especially the downset for 15-25 reps) it affects my bench a little bit (about -5kg). Same one deadlift an press. Would it make sense two switch what comes first? Benching before squatting alsways felt good.
  2. i’m not able to do barbelltricepextension due to ellbow issues. Dumbbell extensions behind the head are fine.

Maybe it’s unnecessary to ask, because you stated out that each one need to listen two his own body.

All in all i’m really exited starting this one and get some results.

Best regards!


Today the new cycle started after a few weeks of pause.

Squat: 5x52,5/60kg 7x67,5kg 12x52,5kg
Bench: 5x65/75kg 8x85kg / RP 12+6+3x65kg
Pullups wide: 8+4+2xBW
Tricepextention 18+6+3x10kg
Leg Raises 3 Sets of 5

On Squats i started fairly low because of a horrible technique. A few weeks ago i managed to squat 165kg on a lowbarsquat. Every squat if heavy turns into a goodmorning like squat. That’s the reason i started low, get used to higbar and will slowly work up over the next years. The reason seems to be weak quads (although they are really big for someone with my small size) and abs.

Bench also was stronger a few weeks ago. But this should easy catch the next one or two weeks.

It was very hard. Most of all the restpaused sets. But i think it will pay off.
i’m not that sore, but everything feels like i got some really demanding workout.

Is it ok, to post the workouts and progress herem, so maybe others who’d like to to this challenge may profit?

Best regards


Day 2

  1. Deadlift 5x102,5/120kg 10x135kg 12x102,5kg
  2. Press 5x37,5/42,5kg 8x47,5kg 8+4+3x37,5kg
  3. Kroc-Rows 30x20kg each arm
  4. BB-Curls 18+7+4x22,5kg
  5. 3 Sets of abs

#the topset of deadlifts really kicked in. the down set felt extrem heavy although over 30kgs lighter…
#press shows a big imbalance to benchpress, so maybe increases on this lift gut transfer to increases in benchpressing
#krocrows were quite new to me but i like the challenge. with a sore lower back from deadlifts that was really tough

best regards


After deadlifting last thursday i got incredible Doms in back and glutes…

This week:


  1. Squat 357, 5/65kg 872, 5kg 15x57, 5kg
  2. Benchpress 370/80kg 790kg 12+5+3*70kg
  3. Pullups 9+4+2*bw
  4. Tricepextension 9+3+1x12kg (just 2kg more…half the reps)
  5. Abs


  1. Deadlift 3112, 5/127, 5kg 10142, 5kg 9*112, 5kg
  2. Press 3x40/45kg 9x50kg 10+4+3*40kg
  3. Kroc row 30*24kg
  4. Bb-curls 18+7+5x25kg
  5. Abs

Again, doms are imcoming, but i like it. I’m exited about next week’s results. I really enjoy this workouts.
Just focus on few good things and leave.
After press and deadlifting i felt like i did a full good workout and understand what jim means
with the idea of not doing jack shit.