Two Cycles I'm Thinking About

ok i have two cycles i was thinking about…now dont be afraid to critique both. this will be 6th cycle. im 25 5’11 190 reall as far as goals u wanna get some lean mass i dont wanna cut cause im not the real defined type. so here are the two cycles

sus 250 500mg/twice week/1-12
tren a-25mg/eod/1-11 or maybe 1-10
as far as the first cycle i wanted to know if it would be over kill to add winny pills or anavar.

2nd cycle

sus250 500mg/1-12
deca 500mg/1-11
anavar/40mg 1-4
winny/30mg/7-11(once again dont no if overkill)
pct would be the same as first.

like i said i would love for some vets to critique if i dont have tren sides i wanna bump up the dose to 50mg eod.

Whoa whoa whoa. How on earth are you 5 11 and only 190 after FIVE cycles? Are just fucking your body up for the fun of it with no intention of actually making gains?

Or maybe you suffered a serious injury that set you back 30+ pounds. In that case, excuse my post.

And your post is virtually unintelligible. Use punctuation and type actual words.

no i used to be 205 but i played basbeall in college soo with their style weight traning and running etc u lost a lot of weight. but now im done with baseball so im ready to get jacked

No offence man but even 205 after 5 cycles…that like 93 kilos @ 5’11

I did that natural in about 1.5 years from basically no previous training (and I had some
heavy lifts for a natural bodybuilder) using only food, sleep and training and it took you
5 cycles on steroids??

Im 5’11.5

You’re doing something wrong.

You need to sort out diet, training, and research before you cycle or youll just waste you
money and supress your hormones again whats the point?

Plus sustanon twice a week and Tren ace at 25 mg eod…HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!

Research man!

Yep, you need to use those drugs more frequently. There is a big difference in feeling/side effects with regards to injecting tren acetate Every day vs. Every other day.

Plus, you have done 5 cycles and you are only 195lbs and not lean? You are essentially a fat skinny guy?