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Two Caffeine Questions

Hey guys, I had two questions that I have not been able to find an answer to. I have built up a big tolerance to caffeine this semester. Normally I would drink 200 mg from Nature’s Best TNTea, and that would get my mind fresh and ready for hours.

Now, though, I can drink it like water and feel no different than I had five minutes before. The other day, I had a cup of black coffee at a wedding, and next thing I knew, I got a buzz from one cup.

Neither of the caffeine sources were anhydrous, so they should really be the same thing. TNTea still does not have any effect one me even after drinking coffee the other day. Any idea why?

Question 2 - there is one guy who pounds down two TNTeas right before his workout because one does not do anything for him. Now, granted, he was a pretty big guy in terms of muscle and definition, but that’s 400 mg of caffeine in one shot.

Even though he does not feel that rush from 200 mg of caffeine, is it still affecting his system the way it normally would despite not feeling the mental buzz? I’m talking in terms of raised heart rate, ‘metabolic rate’, all that stuff that we cannot always feel happening.

Thanks for the input.

Caffeine from tea is supposed to be digested slower, and will give a longer more stable buzz, but probably not as powerfull as the effect from coffee shortly after ingestion. I hear people say this all the time, but I don’t really understand it since it’s the same molecule.

It’s not that it is digested slower… tea contains theanine, which an amino acid that encourages alpha or calming brain waves. The caffeine isn’t any different.

I’ve recently read this on an MD, as the dosage increases so does cortisol. 400 millis ain’t shit dude. I stay away from tea and coffee as my source of caffeine. But to add to your question regarding the black coffee and tea. The way the coffee is roasted and the amount that is used (tbs of coffee grounds to cups of water) to the amount of water determines the potency of the cup of java. Thats my understanding. I stay away from coffee as it seems to be a laxative to me. Last thing I need is the shits on back day. My two centavos

you might do well taking a break entirely from caffeine for a while (a couple months) to break your addiction. It’s a drug and like any other, you build a tolerance to it. Taking a break from it for a while might let your sensitivity come back. It sucks for a few days without the daily dose of caffeine but it’s barely noticable after week 1. I did this a few weeks ago and it worked pretty well for me.

I don’t know how the two forms of caffiene will differ, but I do know that 400-600mg preworkout is the upper level of dosing so 400mg isn’t that bad. I take about that 3-4days out of the week before my workouts.

maybe the tea is lying about whats in it. lol :stuck_out_tongue: or as somebody else stated there is something else in it that calms you down.

Many of today’s ‘fat’ burners or as i call em ‘crack pills’ have massive amounts of stimulants in them with some other herbs to calm you down such as st. johns wart.