Two Big Accomplishments this Week

This week I was able to do two things that I have never been able to do before. The first happened last Sunday at the gym when I put up a 250lbs. bench press. For many people that isn’t nothing but it is a goal I have been working towards over the past two months and I fell like I blew it away.

Then last night kind of just messing around I tried to do a one-handed push-up on my medicine ball. I have never been able to come close to something like this, and in the past struggled bad with regular one-hand push-ups.

However last night I was able to bust out three in a row, with each arm. Times like that are what make all the tired sore moments worth it for me. Anyways I have been stoked about it and had to share with somebody. I am going to work towards 300lbs. for the bench over the next couple months and work to get in 5 sets of 3 for the med ball push-ups.

Med ball pushups ? watch out for your face

1 arm med ball push ups are a good time. Try T Pushups(with dumbbells) love those too

Congrats, on the accomps. 250 is my next goal.

Nice work OP, I’m doing 220, hoping to get up to 240 or 250 soon. What are your other lifts like?