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Two Best Protein Powders You've Had


lets hear em.


1-Metabolic Drive - Chocolate flavor
2-Metabolic Drive - Banana flavor

S :slight_smile:


As far as taste goes BSN Syntha-6 Chocolate is my favorite. Their banana is also really good- tastes like Laffy Taffy.


Metabolic Drive Low Carb
Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth


syntha-6 chocolate hands down


I don't use shakes anymore, but when I did Pro Complex was my favorite by far (and I tested a lot).


Metabolic Drive
Muscle Milk (taste wise, variety of flavors)


haha these are mine as well they are phenomenal. Just interested to see what are the more prevalent staples among T-Nation for protein powders. I've had some gut wrenching stuff in the past when I was first weeding through the rough patches of finding what works and what simply does not.


1) Metabolic Drive Vanilla
2) Metabolic Drive Chocolate

....these are also the best to cook with, and I have tried others.


Promass- ANS
Whey protein- AllTheWhey


Chocolate Metabolic Drive low carb.

MAG-10 with 1/2 cap orange, 1/2 cap berry (the closest to "fruit punch" I've come up with).

Honorable Mention, Gone But Not Forgotten: Lemonade Surge Workout Fuel.


as far as taste goes, i love Grow! chocolate. unfortunately it hasn't been sitting well with me and i'll be switching after I finish my current supply.

a few years ago i was a huge fan of gnc wheybolic extreme 60. It was surprisingly affordable when they ran buy 2 get 1 free sales and it was mostly whey isolate and digestive enzymes along with a small amount of carbs. unreal flavor, but then they switched to the "amped" line of products and it's like 20+ bucks a pound so screw that.

my next order for whey will likely arrive in bags, even though the taste isn't very pleasant. the plus sides are that the price is low and that it doesn't upset my stomach.

i'm not actually a huge fan of the taste of met drive LC by itself. chocolate mixed with half water and half coconut milk is like heaven though. i'm not a huge fan of having shakes instead of meals, so i mostly order it for my fiancee. she's not adventurous enough to try some of the other flavors, although i might tack on a tub of banana next time i order some for her.


i'm a big fan of 3ml grape, 1ml berry myself (i use a pipette to avoid mess)


Agreed Pro-complex chocolate can't go wrong with it, thats my staple protein. But also Top secrect nutrition protein tastes great the protein content is only 25 grams though.. heard good things about MM25.


I'm a big fan of the chocolate and vanilla Metabolic Drive flavors, they're the best I've had (I usually can't stand vanilla).


I Like Optimum nutritions double chocolate Casein - makes a nice chocolate pudding. I also like Metabolic Drive mixed with coffee. However, if Biotest doesn't restock dark chocolate FINiBARs, my reasons for shopping here quickly disappear. Regardless of what the manufacturers want you to believe, protein powder is a commodity.


Gaspari Myofusion, usually hate strawberry flavors but love this one.


100% this. You can also make awesome brownies out of it.


Or you could use a small amount of water in a blender (just enough for the powder to mix) and eat it with a spoon.


Prograde Workout - Vanilla mixed with Diet Splash Berry

Also, I like Muscle Milk Banana Cream, but I'm new to all this.