Two A Days

Hey everyone, due to schedule changes, I will be able to lift two times a day, any day of the week.

Here are two options which I thought might be applicable:

Two Options that seemed applicable were:
Monday AM:
Strength/Power Total Body
Monday PM:
Hypertrophy Total Body

Schedule: Repeat Monday,Wed, Fri


Monday AM:
Strength/Power Upperbody
Monday PM:
Hypertrophy Upperbody

Tuesday AM:
Strength/Power Lowerbody
Tuesday PM:
Hypertrophy Lowerbody

Schedule: WED OFF, THURS AND FRIDAY are repeat of MON& TUES

I know people are going to tell me to look up CW’s HFT. I did, but I like to have some power and absolute strength orientation in my programs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Any and all of those can work if I had to choose prob be strenght morning hyper PM

I will say just because you can do two w/os doesnt mean you should or its optimal?? get a killer w/o call it a day IMO maybe a session of sprints etc in the PM or GPP.