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Excuse the newbie question, but I guess this is the forum for it, right?

I'm currently on a four day split(Upper/Lower) but I do Insanity(I hear negative things about this on here, so I'm not sure how you guys will take it...) Mon-Friday. Also, on Saturday and Sunday I like to do some LSD after lifting. I hear this could burn out my body too fast and not give it enough time to recover, is this true? But on the other side of the coin I've heard people talk about how your body will eventually become used to what you do.

Thanks guys


I don't know about hallucinogenics after you lift...better than before you lift I suppose.


Dammit.. I was going to de-rail this thread similarly, but decided against it at the last second.



LSD probably won't have a major effect on your lifting with a few caveats:

A lot of folks don't like eating on LSD (I did, but I have a huge appetite no matter what), not eating enough could slow you down.

If you take it at night and end up staying up all night this will also mess you up.

That said, I'm still left to wonder...why? Also, I believe your receptors aren't fully back up when you use on back-to-back days. You won't get the most bang for your buck that way.


For cereal, wtf is LSD?


Lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated LSD or LSD-25, also known as lysergide and colloquially as acid, is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug of the ergoline family, well known for its psychological effects which can include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals.

Maybe im way off but thats what I thought, OP are they green or blue:P


What is goal with the split?

What is your goal with Insanity?

Does these workouts align with your long term goal?

WTF are you taking LSD?

Is Insanity the P90x competitor?


I think he means LSD = long slow distance. As in in long, slow, jogging or something.

Would be a alot more interesting if I was wrong though.


My goal is strength and cardio

Insanity is mainly to up my cardio and reduce fat

I've noticed an increase in my leg strength and endurance when running, so I believe it does

LSD, as in slow, long distance jogging(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_slow_distance).

Yeah it is, it doesn't involve weights just bodyweight exercises


Lol at the numpties (including me) who thought he meant he was popping acid at the weekend.





I read that as acid too...thought he was hardcore trolling. lol


So if your training aligns with your goals, then you're set. I think 2x/day is great, if you have the time. Most people don't, therefore they cannot do what you're proposing. CT [what I recall] is a big fan of 2x/day, but he typically programs it for strength only.

Insanity is body weight only? I don't see how that would be stressful enough to interfere with you strength training goals. Worst that can happen is that you will fail miserably :wink:


my guess is OP is totally jacked


Oh, I get it, you're doing steady state cardio on LSD. Damn, that's gotta be a hell of a trip!


I was gonna say ecstasy's better for fat loss than LSD...


Remember what I said before? Just lift the damn weights

Get strong

People have no right doing a load of fancy crap if they can't even squat their own bodyweight

Unless you're obese (in which case you need to prioritise fat loss), just eat well and lift frequently...you'll fill out nicely


I read something about insanity once.



he's jacked , but not totally jacked. if you want to help finish jacking him off, i am sure he would appreciate it.


C'mon, guys. He posted on the beginners forum and deserves a legit answer.

Despite my own beginner status, I'll hazard something hopefully helpful:


First and foremost, the cardio/Insanity won't kill you, but it's generally not considered optimal for strength training purposes. The key for you will be monitoring your strength gains and adjusting accordingly. When I was barely squatting jack crap, I was able to run 40 minutes a day no problem and still make gains. Now, I'm about 40 pounds heavier bodyweight-wise and squatting much more than I formerly was--I've cut my fasted cardio in half to about 20 minutes and have cut the intensity to basically a slow jog (8:30 mile or so). Just adjust what you're doing with a focus on making progress on your lifts and use common sense--when your bodyweight increases, stuff you used to do like running becomes far more stressful on your joints. You need your joints healthy to lift. Priorities. Your body will adjust to the demands you place on it, but bear in mind that adjustment takes time. If you gain a bunch of weight and are pushing much heavier weights in a short time span (i.e. you're experiencing newb gains), then your body is going to have trouble adjusting.

If you want to do a 4 day split and are committed to this Insanity junk, then I would recommend going for 5/3/1. If you want a 5 day body part split, check out KingofBeef's "Do this Routine" thread, and if you're looking for 6 day splits, you can either add a bit to KoB's routine (perhaps ask him what a 6 day routine might look like) or look into more exotic routines like BBB. No matter what, though, get on a program and focus on lifting heavier weights from week to week. Start keeping a log of your weights and diet.