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Two-a-Days, Cardio, and Surge


I’ve been two-a-day workouts for the last 7 weeks, and have been making good progress. My training partner and I routinely lift in the morning followed by 30 minutes of cardio, and a good ab/core workout. About 12 hours later we do workout #2. The second workout consists of a light lift (same muscle groups as the AM workout, but lighter weight for a good pump), 40-60 minutes of cardio, and a second set of abs/core. I’ve been making good gains, and getting cut.

In the past I was only performing one workout a day, with no cardio, and taking Surge immediately upon completion of my lifting. Now, I’ve been taking Surge after completion of the the last core workout in the morning.

My questions are:

  1. Should I continue taking Surge at the end of the workout, or should I take it after the completion of the strength portion of the workout?

  2. Should I be taking Surge after each workout i.e. twice a day?



  1. Take it after your cardio if your trying to loose fat (you mentioned you’re trying to get cut)

  2. Yes, take it after each session. (unless second session isn’t very intense…then just each your typical meal)

Thanks Trenchant!