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Two-a-Days: Are They Ok?

Hey all,

It seems I’ve been wrong about a lot of my info so I wanted to check something before I started it in a bit.

I was told that it is great if you can split up your work outs.  Namely do your cardio in the morning to get your metabolism started, and then go back at night and do your lifting a few hours before bed.  I was told that if you life before bed that your muscles repair more efficiently, and you make better gains?  

This is what I had planed on doing

Mornings (between 6 to 8am) : Do some HIIT (See the running man article) for fat loss. Then some very light bike work just for endurance. Humm I wonder if even light bike work will through off the HHIT (any one know)

then later at night after classes and such my weight program (around 6 to 8 pm)

Any one have any input on this?


There’s no problem doing this. I think you’re wrong about the statement saying that if you lift right before bed you’ll recover better. I remember one article or another on this site showing that lifting early afternoon was optimal for most people.

But I also don’t think it makes that big of a difference. I personally lift in the morning because it fits in my schedule.

I lift in the early morning (around 6) and then lift again at lunch. I break it up. I like to do chins/pullups at lunch. For some reason, I can do more then than in the morning. Sometimes I do active recovery type lifts if I am feeling a little sore from my morning workout.

This is just my experience.

Ok great,

The thing is for some reason I’m usually not hungry after I lift, but if I run I am STARVING. I’m trying to break some really poor eating habbits. I don’t eat junk food per say but I eat 1 big meal a day. So if I do cardio in the morning I know I will eat more through out the day. What I am hoping is that the cardio will fire my up to burn fat, and then in the late afternoon I can hit the weights mostly recovered from my cardio in the morning.