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Two-A-Days and Nutrition?

Hello all, I was wondering how I should plan my meals with the upcoming Two-A-Days.

My daily schedule looks like this

First Practice- 9:00-11:00

Break- 11:00- 1:30

Second Practice- 1:30- 3:30

My proposed meal schedule:

7:00- Huge Breakfast. 2 Eggs, 3 Cups of Rice, Breakfast meat, OJ, Drinking water frequently

8:15- Snacking on Peanut Butter sandwhich on 2 wheat Breads

11:00 (immediatley after practice)- Surge Drink

1:00- Bannana and Wheat Bread

3:30 (after second practice)- Big Dinner, with CARBS and lean protein

My main focus is to have a TON of energy throught the day. Anything I could do better?

Thanks for the help.

  1. I haven’t tried Beta-7 yet so I can’t tell you to try it. (I have my bottles, but won’t be trying it out for another month.) But there is a money-back guarantee. If you have the change, it might be worth trying.

  2. Add lots of BCAAs for recovery. When I do two sessions a day, I just throw a bunch in my mouth and chug them down with some Vitamin water or Surge.

  3. If you can do it, drink your Surge during practice as well as after. Some places don’t let you have your own water bottle, so if that’s not an option, there’s nothing you can do about it. But if you an bring your own water bottle, put in a scoop of Surge. If I put in two scoops, it’s too “syrupy” and “heavy.”

  4. You should have at least three other meals after your 3:30 meal. One at 6:00, one at 8:00 and one before bed. Before bed eat some cottage cheese and some almonds. The monounsaturated fats in the almonds will help with inflammation/joint stress. You could also take a protein shake. Point is, eat something.

  5. Fish oil. I drink the Carlson’s cod liver oil. Others swear by Flameout. Whatever works.

  6. If you are going to use creatine, remember to drink extra water. If you don’t, you will have calf cramps that will bring you to your knees.

Thanks. I didn’t want to get into detail about my meals after 3:30, but I understand to eat a TON!

Im 13, so I don’t know that your recomendation of BCAA’s and Beta-7 would be valid for me?

Would it be neccesary/safe?

Anyone else? PLEASE.

BCAA’s should be no problem at your age. To my knowledge the BETA-7 shouldn’t be a problem either, but I’d rather have someone vouch for me on that one.

BCAA’s are a staple for my double days. I have lifting in the morning, followed by class, followed by practice. I make sure to get some in my system every 3 hours.

I’d recommend getting some more protein in between your two sessions. Some chicken, or other lean meat should do the trick. Metabolic Drive would also fit the bill perfect.

Lots of complex carbs through out the day, extra protein and tons of water.

Okay thanks.

Tomorrow is the first REAL, double day. So I’ll probably sip Surge during 1st Practice, and then finish it immediatley after 1st practice.

And then eat a peanut butter sandwich with a banana about 55 minutes before second practice.

You seem to have a plan for the diet, but with this heat you could eat all the carbs in the world and still feel like crap if you dont hydrate yourself.

You mentioned this along with breakfast and im glad you included water/hydration…cause its a big concern

Without water youll feel horrible and performance will suffer.

Also make sure you take a multi-vitamin or even ZMA to replace the minerals that you’ll sweat out during the practices.

i would throw a protein shake in for the morning and ditch the rice.