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Two a Days and Layer Workout


Question for CT and any others that might be able to help.

How can I incorporate two a day workouts within the layer system? I know that it is one lift per day and all the rules regarding what workouts/ramping/clusters/HDL and everything, but I really love working out to at least some degree twice a day. Are there any recommendations of being able to still do this some way? Maybe HFSW or a Neural Charge workout in the morning with the main workout later or something like that? I haven't started the layer system yet so this more planning for it, but I'd love to hear any ideas from CT or anyone else that is doing/done this.


I posted a thread about this and CT's answer was basically he's doing something similar (2x a day) with one workout primary (layer) and the other skill work. Recovery/supplementation specific so your mileage may vary!


I've been doing 2x a days for a while now so recovery and fatigue shouldn't be an issue, but that's good to hear. Thanks for your feedback!

Edit: Do you have any idea if he's doing the Pulse Feast in addition to the two a days? I've always been intrigued by the Pulse Feast concept, but I'm not sure how it'd work with two a days.