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Two A Day?

Hello everyone. My question is in regard to doing multiple workouts per day.

I work my day job out of my home but my job has unpredictable down time troughout the day. Sometimes a couple hours of it. I usualy go to the gym after work around 6 or 6:30pm. I’ve decided to do some of my workout at home during the down time, and go to the gym for the exercises I can’t do at home. I dont repeat the same exercises I just work other parts of my body.

Is there any significant drawback to this? Or is there a sigificant benifit to this? So far its really made the days fly by. Getting the blood flowing in the middle of the day has been a nice change to the otherwise dull work day.

The workout at home is primarily dumbbell and EZ bar work. I’m contemplating a incline bench as well. The gym is usually were I do cardio. Plus by the end of the work day, I need to get out of the house.

By your description it sounds like you aren’t doubling your workload, but rather splitting your normal routine into two sessions. I can’t imagine any issues with this kind of training. I remember reading about some routines that recommend twice a day training. One of the stated benefits was having two post-workout periods during the day (doubling your window of opportunity to eat and grow big time).

Now, if you were ADDING a second workout (doing two full workouts per day) I would say be mindful of overtraining - get plenty of food and rest.