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Two-a-Day Workouts

Got the black book of training secrets book by Christian and im gonna give the two a day workouts a try, he is advocating training the same bodypart/bodyparts twice a day with the AM session as compound and low reps, and the evening isolation and higher reps, (that is a basic synopsys) should i go “fasted” (empty stomach) in AM? i have always done morning cardio fasted but weights, i never do empty stomach , what do u think??

I am doing two workouts a day (sometimes-- when my job allows), but am doing different body parts. Would be curious to see how you progress on this as i had heard this is a good program to follow from other “technical” people though never tried.

Believe you will need to get some food in you; i also really cant workout in mourning with solid food; but i find drinking some gatorade pre and during workout as well as pre protein workout shake works to keep my enegy levels sustained.

I will keep you guys informed, iam only doing it like this on T, TH, i have never been able to pick a program and follow it “exactly” to the letter, i always ad-lib somehow, and it just so happens i will be doing lower body both days, anyway im thinking lately that “frequency” rules(saw a mechanics forearms LOL) but we shall see

No fasted workouts!! Trust me, I’ve been doing twice-a-day training for 2 1/2 months now (The template provided in Thibs’ Black Book) and those mourning calories (from a huge breakfast) will be appreciated, trust me. Training twice a day will allow you to gain muscle mass while staying leaner, so don’t be afraid to eat!! Have some eggs and oatmeal!! Stick to the program and grow!