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Two a Day Workouts for Football Players


Hey I am 16 years old 5'8 145 pounds and I am an undersized corner back in highschool. I would like to get alot bigger and stronger for next season where I would like to be able to try out at linebacker. My highschool has a small team and small players so I could make it at linebacker on my team. I was just wondering if working out twice a day (once at 9:00-9:45) and again from 3:30 to 4:30 would be a good idea.

Can someone give me tips on two a day workouts and how to gain size and strength doing them. thanks


At that age, I don't think this is a terrible idea if you eat enough for it.

As far as a workout program goes, one thing you could do a search for is Big Beyond Belief, which does have a 6x/week twice-a-day program, although that part of the program has not gotten great reviews (the 4 and 6x/week are preferred).

Besides that, though, you really need to lift heavy, eat a lot, and recover. Only do the 2x/day thing if it's convenient for you/you just want to. You would probably do just as well to do once a day and eat like a champ and sleep a lot.


I played corner at a big school. Coach had us lift b4 school started, then we did conditioning and plyo work during practice. Burpees, push ups, chin ups, sometimes rope climbing in pads. It seemed to work well for us. We won state and lots of guys played college.

I don't think heavy squats twice a day would be smart but light work following heavy helps. Just eat big.


Thanks alot guys, I was thinking of doing two a days 3 times a week for bench squat and deadlift days


Sounds good. And since your football workouts are just an hour long, rest woont be an issue. Eat well, sleep well and everything will be good. I would do my leg workout on an off day though, just because it is too taxing. Taxing on me anyways.


You could try a program I once read about, I think some European Olympic team use (can't remember which sport), that goes something like this:

Heavy session AM/ volume session PM

Mon: Bench or Close-Grip and DB Row Heavy/ Guillotine Press and BB or Cable Row for volume

Tues: Box or Front Squats and RDL Heavy/ Bulgarian Split Squats and Good Mornings for volume

Wed: Clean & Push Press and Weighted Pull Ups Heavy/ Strict OHP and Lat Pulldown for volume