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Two-a-Day Bulking Critique

After I finish up my leaning out stage and 5x5 program I’ll be starting on a 4-day twice a day split.

I’m going to start out with a carb dominant diet for the first 2-3 weeks at around 3000/day. Ramp it up to 3500 over the first month and switch to a carb cycling diet with 3 high 1 med 3 low after the initial dieting rebound.

Going to try Alpha Male, I got my T tested and and Im on the “low but still normal” loop of doctors who wont prescribe anything because of the sides. Should I consider any other test boosters instead? I eat plenty of fat from beef/fish/nuts. Is there anything I can try that might help to bring it up?

Heres the program Im going to try.

explosive in the AM eccentric focused in the PM
4 day split

Day1: Chest
Barbell bench press 5/5
Incline Dumbell press 4/6
Dips 3/5

Hammer Strength Chest Press 3/12
Incline Dumbbell fly 3/15
Flat DB fly 3/15

Day2: Back
Weighted Chins 5/5
barbell row 4/6
Seated cable row or deadlift 3/5

1 arm DB row 3/12
Rear delt flies 3/15
Widegrip pulldowns 3/12

Day3: Legs
Squats 5/5
Stiffleg or Romanian Deadlift 5/5
Leg press 4/8

Lunges 3/12
Leg Ext. 3/15
Leg Curl 3/15

Day 4: Shoulders/arms
Military press 5/5
Barbell Curls 4+6
Close Grip Bench 4+6

Lateral Raises or Arnold press 3/12
DB or Hammer strength curls 3/12
Skullcrushers 3/12

Any suggestions?