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Twitchy Legs?


iv always wondered this, and its happened to me this morning after my morning walk, but why do the legs twitch after a long walk or so? its sort of hard to describe, but once i sit down it feels like blood is being rushed into them and all over they are like getting pumped in different spots. make a lick of sense? anyone can help me? i just want to know what causes this


google "restless leg syndrome"

see if it's what you have.


Restless Leg syndrome is for when your legs are left still for a long period of time..

To original poster: Could you possibly have any heart problems? Vasal irregularities in your legs can be contributed to heart conditions. Or maybe you just have a circulation problem. Dont freak out, maybe just set an appointment to see your doctor. Remember.....We here on this site are not doctors.. So go see one!! GOOD LUCK!!


i dont think i have a heart problem or anything like that. I usually get it when i walk far and when i havent walked in a while. i think i will go to a doc soon, if i have time.