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Twitching While Sleeping


Right now its 1:40 AM central time. For the last 2 nights I have not been able to sleep because my arms and feet have been twitching as soon as I fall asleep. This is really frustrating me and I have done some looking around the internet and it doesn't even really give me a specific answer on why this is happening and what I should do. Has anybody experience this and what did you do to correct it?


Try here:





It may be dreams you're having before that chemical that kicks in and stops you from moving too much when you sleep. i don't know the name of it but your body secretes it but not immediately after you fall asleep.

I have those when I first start falling asleep and I'm running or something in my dream and my legs kick and I wake up with a start.


I vote for ZMA as well

The magnesium should help


I looked up ZMA. Im not sure how it helps my situation. Somebody care to explain?


Thanks. I think finding a sleep specialist is going to be tough. Im giving this a week to get better on its own before I try to seek medical help though. Jesus,I just want an hour of sleep. Just an hour. Id murder for sleep.


There are several different stages of sleep. I think in the first and second you are still kind of aware of your existence and your body still can move. More towards REM sleep and your body produces the chemical Nards is talking about and your body is pretty much off. Magnesium will definitely help. I don't take ZMA but I take 500mg Magnesium and 50-100g Zinc every night. Helps me sleep and I actually notice an increase in the occurence of dreams


Wow,didnt know that. Ill have to pick some up after work,thanks. Btw,is this something I have to look forward everytime I go to sleep. I dont want it to be come a dependent.


natures ambient.....masturbation. If you have a broad there that works too otherwise a little Vaseline goes a long way.


I don't know why you would say you are dependent upon it. It's just like any other vitamin. You are most likely lacking in both. That seems to be the case with most people anyway. There was a T-Cell thread where physiologick talked about it but I don't remember which thread it was. Maybe do a little searching. ZMA has been talked about for a while and this is just a cheap work around


and a lot of vasoline goes even longer, just make sure you get a group of dudes you trust. none of those beta male bitches


Restless leg syndrome?


My dog twitches in her sleep all the time.
I figure she's just dreaming about a chase.

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