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Twitching Muscles


The muscles in my biceps and forearms right around the medial aspect of my elbow have been twitching.

The twitch for a few moments then stop and it happens throughout the day. This has happened befor with other muscles but this has gone on in the same location for three weeks or so.

Any have this happen before?


yes i just went through that. brachialus. it started about two weeks into me messing around w/ a planche progression during my down time. it lasted about six weeks. then it stopped. i researched a bit and gots many answers. asked a friend who's a pt even. blah blah blah rest. was the answer. i don''t think anyone really knows other than overuse.


Check your calcium / magnesium intake. That could help.


Yea its no big deal. Used to happen all the time in my arms. Don't worry about it. if it don't hurt, don't worry.


It's kind of cool to watch though!


eat a banana
take a multi

drop a hit and stare at it for hours on end


What really feels weird is when you get a muscle twitch in your glutes. I think it is sometimes a result of heavy lifting and not necessarily from a mineral deficiency. I'm pretty well covered between ZMA, my multi-vitamin and my diet, but I still get twitches every once in a while.


Thanks I feel better knowing others have experienced this.

Taking Cal/Mag.....shit I could use some potasium...does LSD have any potasium?


If you're taking a cal/mag, it's probably the potassium.

Nothing to worry about unless it gets severe/doesn't stop after a while.