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Twitch on Palm

This might be nothing serious, but I’ve got a twitch that comes and goes on the left side of my right palm - this started about 2 days ago.

I did do a 230lb deadlift, which is the most I’ve done to date as I bought some new plates. Other than that, I haven’t done any lifting out of the ordinary, and have been very careful with my form - any idea as to what this might be - like a pinched nerve? It comes every 10 minutes or so, but it’s not painfull at all, just a bit annoying.

I get that any time I used an ephedrine/caffein stack, and sometimes when taking creatine.

I think I got it more when I drank less water while using these supplments so maybe it’s a dehydration issue?

I also noticed it more when I hit the gym really hard or when I had an exeptionally good workout.