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Twisting while Squatting


One of my training partners yesterday pointed out that my upper body was twisted while i was in the hole and became worse on the way out the corrected itself at the top. i was wonder whats the probable explanation for this


take a vid if you can.

is one leg longer / stronger than the other perhaps?

can you feel that you are twisting or not?


i cant feel it but i normally have an extremly sore back the next day and my body in general is very inflexible, i just resently was able to get to depth because of tight hips and hammies


if you can feel yourself twist...

then can you not let yourself twist??

or what seems to prevent your not twisting??

you might want to work on that.


maybe work on greasing the groove. light weights with high frequency. aiming for every rep to be as perfect (non twisting) as you can. once the movement feels smooth and comfortable then should be safe to strengthen the movement...


i think its from having one side of my low back tighter than the other. i also alot of mobility work. pvc rolling seems to help the pain in the side and low back


My brother used to do this too. He's got mild scoliosis, which may be related.

Is one of your knees caving in compared to the other?

How long have you been training?


Ive been training for pl for just over 8 months, it could be possible that i could have scoliosis cause i do have a very large small of my back and my knee dont cave but i do have a hard time keeping tightness in my upper back if that matters


yeah, please provide a video. a new one to me.


I'll try not sure if i can take a video on my ipod that'll be decent