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Twisting Oblique exercises

Hi guys,

I know there have been a few posts about working the obliques and workouts by charles poliquin posted here,etc.
I have searched and searched, but have not been able to find a decent exercise with a twisting motion that really works the oblique muscles. So far i have tried twistiong situps, a type of “wood chop” called the “twister” which is done on one of those total gym machines. It always seems that my other muscles get tired before my obliques, even though i try to put as much emphasis on my obliques as i can(and the muscles that get tired are MUCH stronger than my obliques) I can’t really think of any other exercises. i’m doing them at a 2 second concentric and 2 second eccentric contraction. Are there actually any better twisting type exercises to work the obliques or am i just doing something wrong?I’d really appreciate some help as this is really the only movement that i can’t get a good workout on the target muscle.

get some bands from jumpstretch or dave tate’s website. attach them overhead and you can bend and twist in any direction you want.

Read the thinking man’s mans guide to ab training article on t-mag, it is an excellent article with a wide number of exercises. Also try doing those twisting crunches on a swiss ball holding 3 secs at top, hanging leg raises with a twist, also read an article called hanging circuduction (pretty advanced) that should give you a few more.

I am sure you will find many exercises that you can use but I think you will get tremendous core work from Saxon Side Bends. In faith, Coach Davies

have you tried Russian Twists using a plate?

Have you tried a high pulley woodchopper? Basically you take a high pulley and twist like you’re chopping wood. Some video of some good ab movements is available at infinityfitness.com Another good one is full contact twists. This is a favorite of Pavel’s and hard to describe. Saxon side bends are easy to describe and effective. Simply hold weight straight overhead and bend side to side…start light. Yet another good one is loading up a squat bar with more weight on one side…pick it up and walk around for a while then switch sides.

full contact twists. Place an oly bar in the corner,load the top end with weight, hold onto the coller arms straight and up (the coller is approximately head height), keeping your arms straight turn at the waist so the bar is at hip level. . .pivot on your feet, now turn the the other way, low reps, turn from the waist.

why the hell do you care so much about developing your obliques?

Because obliques are sexy.

I’m with Kali, but I do a set of 20 breathing-style.