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Twisting at the Bottom of a Squat

The past couple months I’ve been working on getting my squat up. Currently I’m up to 260 for my 1 rep max. The thing is though someone told me that when I’m squatting heavy I twist my bottom, and lean toward my right leg. This makes sense because my lower right back has been bothering me when I squat but I can’t seem to fix this problem unless I use extremely light weight, but whenever I lift around 190 or so I start to twist…

Hard to say without seeing it first-hand. Any way you can post a video?


So you take a heavy weight, put it on your spine, breathe in heavey, pull into the hole… and then try to shift the emphasis towards your weak leg and lean to one side when you’ve got this really heavy weight that you can only barely lift with both legs, a belly full of air, your feet and hands clenched on the ground/bar respectively and the expression of a man who just shat a full grown Jesus?


Go look up Dave Tate’s articles. Several years ago he wrote a really good article on squatting. ‘Squatting from head to toe’, I believe. Read it, use it to cue your squat, start kicking ass.

Is it like in the video from this article?

1 arm planks, and anti rotation core exercises

You could have a hip problem. You should see a doctor just to be sure.

that happened to me when i was coming back from a back injury and later after a broken ankle, someone i know at the gym suggested i do box squats for a few weeks and u can focus more on not twisting at the bottom. I did this off a box that was maybe a foot or two off the ground and it really helped me get back on track. good luck.

i had/have this problem. for me, it was innitially because i spent all my time bmxing(always the same foot forward) and developed strength, and flexibility imbalances. Now I am trying to continue unpinching nerves so i can continue trying to even everything out. (Just a note, I would watch myself in the mirror, and i definitly twisted and favoured the right side. my right shin started to hurt when i squated and my knee was buggered up again all summer and that was part of the cause. It takes alot of time and everything but i dont regret it, not as much as i regret being so lazy on doing tonnes of mobility and activation and posture work to get a solid base.