Twisted Pelvis? Knee Pain, Difficulty Walking Straight

Hello Ive had chronic knee pain for about a year. I have done MRI and a surgery to rule out any problems.

The pain is moving to diffrent places all the time, sometimes behind the knee (popliteus?) and sometimes on the patellatendon.

The thing thats bothering me the most is that I feel all twisted in my pelvis and I have lost my stride which makes it hard walking. Sometimes (randomly it seems) the stride feels alright and the knee pain disapairs, the last time it worked for like a few days and I was so happy thinking now everyting feels right and I’m on my way back! Then it just disaparied and I was back to losing my stride again.

This is what I know.

RIGHT SIDE where it feels like the pelvis is rotated forward:
Poor hip internal rotation (compared to other side)
Foot pronating heavily (No it did not do that before my injury)
Sloppy external rotators
No problem in gluteus medius strength
No activation in QL doing back lifts

LEFT SIDE where it feels like the pelvis is rotated backwards:
Poor hip external rotation (compared to other side)
Tight external rotators
Major activity in QL doing hip extension
No pronation on left foot

I do have custom ortotics.

What ive been doing for the last 3 weeks is daily core work mainly focusing on the TVA, External oblisque. I did back exercises as well but as they seemed to only activate my back on the left side so I’ve been taking it slow there.

Hope someone has ideas!

What are things like further up? Do you have noticeable restrictions around the shoulders or thoracic spine? If you are experiencing some sort of rotation in the pelvis, there’s a possiblity that things further along the kinetic chain have likewise gone into some sort of rotation, in attempts to balance things out.

Check out this article. I also would suggest running through the exercise listed, to see if it has any effect;