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Twin Cities MN Trainer for Handicapped?


I am looking for a trainer in the Twin Cities area that has worked with handicapped people before. I have severe leg joint problems nm looking for a trainer who is experienced with help in that type of person train.

I don't need somebody to come in and help me work out each time, but do need somebody to come over and look at my equipement and help me figure out different programs to do.

I am trying to lose weight and get strong enough to handle joint replacements. I have had the left hip replaced 25 years ago right before I turned 23. I've had hip problems since I was wrong four years old due to a childhood disease. I need the other hip replaced and both knees replaced now. I weigh somewhere in the mid four hundreds :frowning: due to inactivity.

Any help someone can give me to find a trainer would be appreciated. I've tried going through a gym to find a trainer but it seems I need somebody with a little bit more specialized and has experience with people who can't walk. I don't need to strengthen the legs until I have either lost a significant amount of weight or have had the joints replaced.

I am south of the river down in Shakopee if that makes a difference who can help me or figure out different programs for me to use. I do have some decent equipment at home to use. I have a Powertec leverage bench (older model leverage gym), a two stack pulley machine, triceps bar, curl bar, dumbbells, bands and will soon have a stand alone Powertec bench. I also have an older all in one type machine.