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Twilight of The Psychopaths:Kevin Barret


Currently I'm thinking of how "social order" came to exist. This essay ( http://educate-yourself.org/cn/barrretttwilightofpsychopaths21aug08.shtml ) makes it pretty clear, now that I'm coupling it with my diagnostic training. Psychopathy is genetic. This affliction is a very small percentage of born humans. My point, is that the overwhelming majority of people are sane. With the nature of psychopathy, sane people can be easily manipulated and fall prey.

How it works

1.a few psychopaths organize and come up with a plan
2.those psychopaths manipulate (by inducing shame and guilt) the general population
3.for mass of non psychopaths to carry out orders
4.after generations the general population will not question the orders of psychopaths and may even idealize them

I suppose it works across the board with all social aspects from religion to politics (like hey are divided anyway right?)

Description of Psychopathy

Lack of a conscience in conjunction with a weak ability to defer gratification and/or control aggressive desires, often leads to antisocial behaviors. Psychopathy does not necessarily lead itself to criminal and violent behavior. Instead, psychopaths high in social cognition may be able to redirect their antisocial desires in a different, non-criminal manner.[citation needed]

Psychopaths (and others on the pathological narcissism scale) low in social cognition are more prone to violence against others, failure in occupational settings, and problems maintaining relationships. All psychopaths differ in their impulse control abilities, and overall desires. Psychopaths high in the pathological narcissism scale are more equipped to succeed, but pathological narcissism does not in any way guarantee success.


 Grandiose sense of self-worth 
 Superficial charm 
 Criminal versatility
 Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others 
 Impulse control problems
 Inability to tolerate boredom
 Pathological narcissism
 Pathological lying
 Shallow affect
 Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others
 Lack of empathy
 Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others
 A sense of extreme entitlement
* Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions
 Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle
 Poor judgment, failure to learn from experience
 Lack of personal insight 
 Failure to follow any life plan
 Abuse of drugs including alcohol
 Inability to distinguish right from wrong


Social order exists because of the inherent differences of man -- in his nature given abilities and the natural factors of production in his environment. Man cannot simultaneously provide everything he needs to give himself the quality of life he desires.

Man being rational learned that cooperation could provide him that quality of life better than his self inflicted isolation. However the case may be that he is capable of learning to cooperate with other individuals it is not necessarily true that others will want to cooperate with him.

He must discover methods of interaction (exchange, for example) to make it possible to cooperate. Some ways are more efficient and lead to the most quality of life for everyone and others lead to decivilization and a quality of life for only a few.

Social order, however, comes about because man is capable of cooperating. When he does not cooperate we can effectively say their is no Order.

Man must find it in himself to want to cooperate to bring about a social order.


I think you're full of shit, and I think the majority of people are the fucking insane ones.


Who determines what we want in that structure of order? Is it not possible that those who have power are using "us" to advance they're agendas? And is it not true that those in power are likly to display psychopathic traits, or even be actual psychopaths?

It is true that man seeks social order but with that goal, is it not possible to ignore the signs of am afflicted psychopath?


What's your point? and you mean "you're" as inyou are not "your " as in posessing.


That has been the main conflict of man since time immemorial.

The best answer I can think to give is that in a society with absolutely no coercion (a naturally ordered society, that is) every man decides for him self what is in his best interests. Order comes about that way -- with schools, guilds, commerce, etc.

We can do a good thought experiment here: how would an ordered society come about if everyone who gains significant influence were a psychopath? "Power" in this regard does not even mean anything because even our bosses/religious/military leaders who would have some sort of influence over us would be psychopaths, too, right? At least by your theory...

I have a hard time accepting this notion because society can only "work" when people are relatively free to think, act, and create on their own without chaotic interruptions.

It is a hard stretch to convince me that a bunch of psychopaths could control non-psychopaths.


I think the author is confusing extremist with psychopathic. Our Founding Fathers were extremists and we idolize what they wrote, yet I wouldn't call them psychopaths.

Nature loves diversity, to promote survival of a species. Because we are thus different, more aggressive males came to the for and formed most human societies. Some males were more suited to farming while others more suited to warrior/ruler status.

Now that science and mathematics permeates our lives everywhere, the societies formed by aggressive males are slowly falling apart while societies based on science (China) are in the ascendent.

"With more than 300 million people - the majority of whom save an average of 35% of their income, China's quickly emerging middle class is by itself potentially larger than the entire U.S. population. And the top 2% of China's academic community - I'm talking the best and brightest only - is larger than our entire university population."


China is run by the communists de jure but by science de facto.


You mean as in "in you" like with a space and possessing with two s's. Anyway, my point is who cares, the whole idea that we are all equal is by societal norms, without societal normals rights of Kings would still be established.


HAHAHA I love doing this to people, especially when it's an insult... I love "your a moron"....classic.


That is some really stupid shit right there. And your "diagnostic training" may need an overhaul.


  1. "Psychopathy" is an outdated term--more accurate would be sociopathy, or preferably antisocial personality disorder. The fact that the article's author is unaware of the proper terminology for his subject already renders his semi-coherent conspiracy ramblings less than convincing.

  2. Despite the popular conception of sociopaths as emotionless, two-faced success-bots who commit heinous crimes that go unnoticed (i.e. Christian Bale's character in American Psycho), one of the KEY diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder is a profound lack of impulse control. This results in very poor outcomes for most APD individuals--poor impulse control, irresponsible behavior, and a lack of strong social cognition (and despite what you've said, lack of social cognition is another key feature of the disorder) do not bode well for an individual's chances to rise through a rigid hierarchy full of interpersonal scrutiny.

Certainly some sociopaths have risen to power--Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, Pol Pot, etc., but this tends to occur in a very specific subset of circumstances, and these individual, prior to those circumstances, led lives very much in keeping with a typical diagnosis of APD.

Your causal model for how sociopaths rise to power is pretty much:
Step 1: collect underpants
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit!

P.S. with regards to the genetic component of APD: diathesis-stress. Look it up. Claiming a complex, multifactorial mental condition is incontrovertibly "genetic" makes you look like a dumbass.


I have lived and grew up with a Psychopath. I feel this term is better then the new PC Antisocial personality disorder. Psychopath really gives the vibe that they put out.

They are VERY 2 faced. They know how to trigger emotions in people to make them do what they want, that's the essence of them. They're very good at it. Some more the others. They have an uncanny ability to sense what insecurities people have. They know how to compliment and boost the ego and thus become very likable people. Very likable. The One i knew was a master. Even when he went through the legal system, lawyers and judges showered him with a type of understating and empathy that i found just odd and weird but that was his way of playing people without them knowing they are being played.

Anyway, a psychopath has to be experienced personally. It's a curious person.

Unless anyone here met and was privy to a true psychopath all you know is classroom text. Kinda like a Personal trainer that got certified and just started lifting him/herself.

I'll give a real life example.

Said person had some legal trouble. Broke, goes to a lawyer that was spotted in exhibiting a certain weakness of character by the virtue of being a good person. Through subtle manipulation all legalities were handled with deferred payment. When the case was over, the bill was never paid. The lawyer didn't pursue legal action because of the way the lawyer was worked out.

Then when the lawyer went on vacation, The said Psychopath was living in the lawyers house. Upon returning he was obviously found out and told to leave. That's all that happened to him for that.

Like i said a psychopath has to be experienced. They are VERY good at what they do and can spot eachother.