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Twilight: Final Eclipse


already? didn't the second installment come out last nov? wth?

the second one dragged on and on. hopefully the war in this one will be epic and we shall see who gets the greatest of all gets, bella.




I haven't seen the movies, but I agree that this one is coming out fast!
I saw the poster at my local theater and thought it was the last movie and they'd forgotten to take the poster down.
Then I remembered that the other one had a couple of gay looking guys and a girl and this one...well, um , it has...whatever.


I apologize. All this time I thought you were a male. Not my cup of tea, but I hope you enjoy the movie.




I'm all in favor of these contrived piece of shit movies being rammed through as fast as possible, so they can be forgotten just as quickly.


You guys talk about this movie way too much.



Could anybody recommend a good vampire novel?

I've ordered Fevre Dream, Salem's Lot and I am Legend from Amazon.

Also, any books charting the myth of the vampire out there? I would love to get my teeth into a history of vampires!

After I've read the well received vampire books, I'm planning on reading the Twilight series because I've heard that Meyer systematically raped the concept of the vampire into oblivion.


When I opened this thread and saw the first pic I imagined myself kicking her in her teeth. I smiled.




ah huh


How do I save this? I want it for my avatar!


Ladies know best!


Ohhh yeah my kinda Vampire show! Never did figure out wtf she was talking about ..she just always kicked ass and looked like she needed some dirtbag loven


Hilarious thread.

I will try and fish out a couple of good examples of Meyer's "writing." They're on the internetz. So, so bad.


Fed wtf? A twilight thread?

You did post the best picture of Kristen Stewart ever taken. She usually looks like a cross between Amy Winehouse and a rabbit.


fuckn twilight.


The movies have to come out fast before the trend dies, and are really cheap to make


hold up hold up


That picture of Kristen Stewart actually makes her look attractive.