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Hey guys sorry for the being absent for so long but I have been living in some interesting times.

Long story short my Godfather( more like a second dad to me) passed away in early February and my Heart has being acting up again and had to get it all sorted out. (3 months worth)

So I am back and ready to start posting again. I have developed a new training system which I will be implementing in a week or two.

Bodyweight a somewhat soft 238

A list of my Congenital defects:

Polysplenia/Heterotaxy Syndrome

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polysplenia A good explanation of what I have and yes all the associated symptoms I have as well.

Broken back 2 times with 4 herniated discs (T1-T2, L4-L5) C5-C6 are bulged in my neck causing 20% paralyis of right arm.

2 heart attacks

Pacemaker ( which when installed they sliced up 2 of my rotators on my right shoulder )

Major Muscle tears include both calf muscles and left hamstring twice.


If anyone can come back from adversity its you. My condolences and looking forward to following along.


Morning cardio 20 minutes on treadmill - walking

Incline Bench ( max set @ 305)
135x3x3,185x3,225x3 --warm ups
245x4,260x2 and then 265x1x5 ( 5 singles) X3 So three times through.

Behind neck press seated.

135x3,150x2 and 165x3x5 ( 5 sets of 3) then 135x12

Will do JM presses tonight. (ran out of time)

That was actually a lot of volume on the inclines.


finished before night time clients
Wed night
jm press 135x10x3

pushdowns 75x25x3

Thursday morning cardio 30 on the treadmill


Good to see you back posting and doing well.


Glad to hear you’re doing better and sorry for your loss. I will be following to see the new training system in action.


Glad to see you back - and taking no prisoners


[quote]FISCHER613 wrote:I have developed a new training system which I will be implementing in a week or two.

I’m looking forward to this ^^^^^^

[quote]FISCHER613 wrote:Bodyweight a somewhat soft 228.

and I can’t quite imagine you being this ^^^^


Pull Day

135x3x3,225x3x3,275x3,315x3 -these all done with clean grip no belt. Switch to alternate hand 365x5x2.

Power cleans:
135x3x2 and 165x3x5

One arm row:

Spider curls :

Reverse cable curls:

All lifts done in Oly shoes-

Bweight -227.8


Okay what oly shoes? Where do I get some?


[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Okay what oly shoes? Where do I get some? [/quote]

They are the Pendlay/Do-winn brand. Best lifting investment I have made since my Inzer belt.

Best bet to read up pon them is MDUSA and best place to buy is Ebay.

Make sure you get 1/2 smaller than you normaly wear in your gym shoes.


Good to see you back. Sorry for your loss and the heart .


…Im bad about following the logs, but your title got me. Sorry for your loss :frowning:

Now I have to come back to see your new program.


Thanks everyone for your concerns. It is much appreciated.

New program will start in 5 weeks…I am in the middle of a Template right now and doing pretty well.

Box Squats

no belt all done rest paused- with a sit back and relaxed on the legs.

GHR’s 5x10
Slant board abs 50x5x5

Bodyfat starting too drop!


20 minutes cardio and still getting adjusted to the new lifestyle of eating habits.

Basically : I fast for 18 hours and then I eat in a 6 hour window, I have been doing it since Thursday and was just adjusting to the new schedule and now I will start counting Macro’s and Kcals.

I will start at 12 cals a pound and work from there. Ratio’s will be Protein 45% Carbs 35% Fats 20% as I get leaner the starches will come out and the fats will go up.

So far I really enjoy not eating in the morning and early afternoon. ( really frees up a lot of time)

Have also been training fasted as well with no bad side effects as well.

Any thoughts?


Incline press:

135x5,155x5,185x4,210x4x2,230x3x2,245x2x2,260x2x2,230x3,215x4,200x8,185x10 and 155x12.

Behindd the neck press

115x5,135x5,155x5, 175x2x5,115x15x2


80x25,85x25,90x20 and 100x15x3


Looks like your diet is tight and your training spot on. I’m sure a semi-soft 228 will be a rock hard 228 in no time.



135x3x3,225x3x2,315x3 and 385x4x3

Power cleans


Reverse curls



Bweight 226.8 a new digital scale old scale weighed light by about 4 pds so since starting my Diet I have lost 13 pds since 3/28/13.

Squats day-deload

135x3x3,225x3x3,315x3x3,365x1x5. ( 5 sets of one)

Abs 3x8 with 50lbs

ghrs’ --none.


Glad to see you back…