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Twice Daily Training

Hey guys. Have been thinking about doing poliquins twice daily training whenever I would get the time, and now I have it. Set up will be Day 1 is Chest/bis, 2 is shoulders/legs, 3 is off, 4 is back/triceps, and 5 is off. I will be doing the heavier lifting in the AM and the lighter pump stuff in the PM. What is a good total amount of volume to use? Maybe one exercie per body part in the am, and 2-3 exercises per body part in the pm?

Another question is how should nutrition be handled. I will be lifting immediately upon waking so what I plan to do is whey/casein shake on the way, and gatorade+whey during, then between AM and PM workout will have carbs and protein, then I don’t know what the best set up is from there. Should I have another during workout shake, or keep it for post workout? Will I also have another post workout meal with carbs? Are there any formulas for workout nutrition following this set up? And its for every 10 days of two a day lifting do 5 days of once a day right?

I am looking to gain weight so how should I set up protein and carbs (in grams/lb, etc).

Regarding all your questions, try every option and find the best suitable for you.

On the nutrition set a caloric surplus of 500-1000 calories with the Harris-Benedict formula adding your activity level (research that). I assume you want to gain muscle mass and not weight, otherwise you should be picking on the shittiest food sources and sleep after every large meal you have.