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Twice a Week Program, Injured MMA Fighter

Hi guys, a quick introduction. l havent touched a weight since 2007, i was an intermediate lifter back then but l’ve been training mma nearly full time until 2009(knee injury). So l dont really know if l can be considered a beginner as i have a solid work capacity altough i havent done weights in ages, and i havent done much last year, just tried to stay active.

l’m gonna go through a knee surgery this year, in two months, after a very unusual injury (fibula subluxation); l wanna use this year that l’m gonna have to take off the mats to get stronger. l’ll be able to squat to parrallel without a problem a month or two after the surgery, my knee is only fragile when completly bent.

So, here’s the program l have designed, two sessions a week, plus boxing a couple times a week.

MONDAY: Squat day

Back squats, to parallel, wide stance(bad knee): 4*5

Bench press: 4*5

Pull ups: one set to failure, then a set of chin ups to failure

Farmer walk, dont know for how long yet.

Some ab work, leg raises on the dip machine i guess.

THURSDAY: Deadlift day

Deadlift(sumo): 4*5

Push press: 4*5

Hammer curl: 3*8

Turkish get ups: 3*5 per side, switching hands

That’s it.

Bonus question: long distance running is wrong if you want to get stronger, but how about walking for an hour or so?

thanks for your advice guys.

Dude you can do anything to get your heart rate up. Doesent have to be walking or running. Get a hr monitor and work the heavybags.

sprints > walking or jogging, heavy bag sessions are great as long as you increase something (intensity, time, ect…) every time.

Good luck

[quote]admbaum wrote:
sprints > walking or jogging, heavy bag sessions are great as long as you increase something (intensity, time, ect…) every time.

Good luck[/quote]
Depends on goal.

I’ve only been lifting for about two years, so take my opinion for what it’s worth but:

More pulling work, throw in some rows on Thursday. My back work consists of pullups, 45deg BB rows, and Pendlay rows (deadlifts too, but I use them for speed work). Since you probably won’t have enough in the tank to add both BB rows and Pendlays on Thurs, I’d say just cycle them in and out (your upper back needs some love too).

As for distance running, it depends on the kind of distance we’re talking about. When I was doing 10ks 4 times a week, I couldn’t eat to compensate, and lost a good deal of weight. Less than 5k was fine for me though. Note that now I do next to zero cardio and rely on my mat sessions to keep me in shape.

Is that a Dinosaur training routine?