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Twice a Week Injections, Higher Hematocrit

Guys injecting twice a week had a higher hematocrit then once weekly guys.


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I’d like to ask them “When did they test these men” The once weekly tested 2 days after or 6? Hct drops quick with hydration as some have found. I also don’t see if they loooked at what other medications these folks were on. Thanks for sharing but this feels like a Half ass study.

Yeah it makes no sense.

Yah I’d be embarrasss to release studies like these. Unless we’re wrong and they Are more thorough when you register and join the site?

Dies it also seem like they gave the twice weekly guys more test?

Ya it was not even. That was also dumb.

They say twice a week, but put bw:

“Groups were divided into 27 men on 200 mg T once weekly (QW) and 28 men on 80-160 mg of T twice a week (BIW).”

Yeah I caught that after the fact. That’s why I withdrew my post lol.