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Twice a Week Injections, Higher Hematocrit

Guys injecting twice a week had a higher hematocrit then once weekly guys.


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I’d like to ask them “When did they test these men” The once weekly tested 2 days after or 6? Hct drops quick with hydration as some have found. I also don’t see if they loooked at what other medications these folks were on. Thanks for sharing but this feels like a Half ass study.

Yeah it makes no sense.

Yah I’d be embarrasss to release studies like these. Unless we’re wrong and they Are more thorough when you register and join the site?

Dies it also seem like they gave the twice weekly guys more test?

Ya it was not even. That was also dumb.

They say twice a week, but put bw:

“Groups were divided into 27 men on 200 mg T once weekly (QW) and 28 men on 80-160 mg of T twice a week (BIW).”

Yeah I caught that after the fact. That’s why I withdrew my post lol.

I am currently experiencing this exact phenom. Found this old thread while searching for reasons why my hematocrit has inexplicably risen.

I have a years worth of labwork on once per week injections with dosages ranging from 40mg to 200mg. I split my current dose of 80mg into 40mg x2 per week 4 months ago and my last two labs are very different. Hematocrit went out of range to .504 (.491 the lab before that) on split IM. Prior to that, I have 6 blood tests ranging from .447 to .474 on once per week, with .474 being on 200mg.

Not only that, WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin, Neutrophils all higher than once per week protocol. Oddly, MCH and MCHC are noticeably lower than once per week, and both have been out of range before on single IM.

I’m a weirdo

.50 is not out of range. Regardless of what your lab says. International standards all state 54.


Doesn’t it make sense tho, if they’re testing at the trough each time? That point is lower on 1x per week than on 2x. So if HCT is say 50% on once a week, it would be higher on 2x

Agreed, however, those first 6 labs on once per week were not trough taken. I and my doc didn’t know what we were doing, and those tests were day after, 3 days after, day of. etc.

For sure, but generally they have all trended upwards.

It makes perfect sense.

Double injection frequency with the same dosage and you spend more overall time at supra physiological levels. That means hematocrit production is going constantly.

With bigger less frequent shots your peak and trough are lower. So for a portion you are even more super physiological levels but halfway or so between shots you fall back into normal ranges and production of blood cells can regulate better.

Its time in supraphysio levels that causes it- not necessarily the fact you end up more supra straight after a bigger shot.

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I saw somewhere a breakdown of what percentage of men got high HCT from each respective version of testosterone. Test C/E had the highest percentage of men with HCT increases, test u had the lowest. The difference between the two isn’t just the ester, it’s the injection protocol. Test u is taken far less frequently and is probably the best option if HCT is a major concern.

Except Test U is the worst possible option for trt.

I’ll be very interested to hear your explanation as to why that is.

Takes 6 months for a protocol to stabilize. Good luck changing anything or fixing any dosage issues. It will take years to find proper balance and a good individual protocol. With test e/c you know within 6-8 weeks if things aren’t working. If dosage is too low or too high. Also injecting about 4 ml at once is asking for problems.

If you take it weekly you reach stability by about the 10 week mark. If you frontload one dose it takes under eight weeks. The problem isn’t the drug, people just use it incorrectly.

That won’t make a difference. To reach stability it takes 5 half lives. TU has a half life if 34 days.