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Twice A Day.


I was just wondering if it's healthy to work out twice a day. I know that in CW "Perfect 10" it's mandatory to work out twice a day half way through the program. But what about after the program? I have a University scheduale that allows me to work out from 11:30-1:30 and then I would usually go again around 7ish. It would be great if I could work out this often but is it healthy?


There is nothing unhealthy about twice a day workouts. Just make sure that you structure them properly.


Depends on your goals. Splitting cardio/HIIT or such and weights can work, especially if you're trying to lose fat.

Twice a day could be a suitable way to do some kind of split routine.


I'm working twice a day right now. I'll do deadlift in the morning and front squat in the evening. Makes sure I give 100% on both exercises.

I also work my whole upper body in two workouts on the same day.


Sure if you work up to it do it smart. or do it in short "SHOCK THE SYSTEM" bouts.

There are a # of programs to look at right here on this site. including CW's. Check out a recent one By CT and also Growth Surge Project.

Hope that helps,


So if I did Back and Chest in the morning then I would do torso and legs in the evening? Or could I do Back/Chest - Deadlifts, Benchpress- in the morning then in the evening do back/chest again - Goodmornings, Incline Dumbbell Press?


As Phil said, there are a number of programs on the site which use twice a days. If you want to do a chest/back day, I would suggest one muscle group per workout. ex: mornings = chest, evenings = back. That way you can put more effort into each part


as long as total volume/intensity is managed in most cases I would suspect two a days to be more productive, with little negative effects. Just read anything about training frequancy

One manner I have heard that sounds intriquing is pick one or two muscle groups to work in a day. Then do heavy work in the first session and lighter in the second. The first session will increase the load you can use in the second session.

I remember reading a study where they took two groups of previously trained individuals doing the same total exercises/volume/intensity. However one group did each workout all in one session where the other broke it into two seperate sessions... guess who had better results


Allow 4-6 hours between sessions as a minimum. As long as the acute program variables (sets, reps, intensity, speed of movement) are different, it shouldn't be a problem if nutrition is in good shape.


I remember reading somewhere that Marius Pudzianowski does something like that. Trains strength lifts early in the day, then trains for hypertrophy later.

Absolutely there's nothing wrong with two a day workouts, sometimes it's a better option to do everything you need to do without overtraining in a single session.


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