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Twice a Day


Hey guys, I'll be done with school for 5 weeks come Monday, so I will have a lot more time to train (I'm regular with my workouts but I only train once a day, 4x a week). While I'm going to stick to my current program I'm considering doing my regular program at it's regular time either mid-afternoon or between 8 and 10 at night. Since I'm also cutting and won't be very active I'm debating whether or not I should start waking up early in the morning and just start running on the treadmill every morning. It'll only result in an extra 2-5lbs of weightloss...which isn't terrible (increasing my weight loss by 50% or so, hopefully adipose tissue).
Any thoughts

  • you could take your dog for a walk :wink:


heh heh heh

Seriously, though, you said getting straight onto the treadmill, which isn't a good idea considering how catabolic a state you're in. Maybe have some fruit first . . .


Well the best way to get around that would be to take something that would help mobilizie fatty acids for breakdown...something preferably pretty cheap and that might help me run a bit....
100-200mg of caffeine should do this quite nicely.


Caffeine is a good for mobilizing those FFA's but I'm pretty sure it also has catabolic effects. Maybe something like 100-200mg caffeine plus a serving of surge or Low Carb Grow! might be a better idea?

Or you can do what the latest tip suggests and spilt up your workout for the day?

I'm pretty sure Poliquin suggests that we are our strongest 3 and 11 hours after waking, so if you have the time maybe you can plan your weight workouts like that?

Get up at 9, lift at noon, do the eating thing, lift again at 8?

I hate doing cardio and the thought of jumping on a treadmil like a hamster upon waking makes me wana puke so those are just some alternatives I guees.




Thanks for the advice Tags. Yeah, there's a lot of controversy over the entire "workout before you eat after you wake up".
What I think actually might be a good idea in that case is to bring a protein shake on the treadmill with me and sip on that as I run. I don't mind running first thing in the morning if I sleep a lot. The last time I tried it I woke up, walked the dog, then drove to the gym and cranked out 7 mile in 63 minutes (I have never done over 4.5 miles before) and felt great. I definetly like your suggestion about splitting my workouts in half though, and I want to incorporate that into my next bulking cycle.


No prob for the advice.

"What I think actually might be a good idea in that case is to bring a protein shake on the treadmill with me and sip on that as I run."

I would be careful about this as this could get messy and be uncomfortable and maybe even ineffective. Just a thought though. See how it works and you be the judge.