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Twice-A-Day Workouts


I've heard a lot of talk recently about working out two-times a day. Chad Waterbury's gotten into it - his recent "New Frontier" workout has several weeks of two-times-a-day workouts, from what I've heard.

I also heard mention of Christian Thibaudeau's workout "Eastern European Bodybuilding" ( http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-060-training ) which is a two-times-a-day...one of the people who tried it said he gained something like 7 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks.

I'm interested in knowing whether people have had success with a two-times-a-day routine. Has anyone done Waterbury's new routine? Or Thibaudeau's? Or have you tried a two-times a day workout yourself? What have been your results and what do you think works best?




I'm on the 2nd week of phase V of CW's "New Frontier" program. My scale's busted (so I need to buy a new one), and I was eating waaaay too many calories to induce hypertrophy, but my guesses are that I've gained 2kg of muscle and 0.25kg fat. I just got Dr. B's precision nutrition this week and expect some great results. While gaining less muscle than many by this point (though still quite good), my 1rms have gone up on all lifts and I'm really optimistic about the next few weeks.

Give it a try if you can find the time. I love HFT!




My thoughts exactly. I read that sentence like 3 times before I checked to see what everyone else had said.


What worked best for me was heavy in the am and about 50% of the am weight for the pm routine, same exercises, just half the weight for lots of reps to get a lot of blood in the muscle.


two weeks isntenough time to give an assesment on the program. Regardless, two times a day is fun to do. Mentally, you feel good getting two workouts a day. Physically, if you do it right, you dont overtrain.