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twice a day westside

start uni again tomorrow, and my time will be limited again, as i combine, school, training and work.

on some days my time window for training is only 45 minutes or so ( i have a few breaks such as this spread over the day) i train at one of 2 busy gyms so often squeezing a workout into just 45 minutes wont happen (waiting for equipment etc etc)

i was thinking of splitting my workouts up as so…

1st session : gpp + speed box squats + 1 assistance exercise

2nd session : 1 assistance exercise and extra exercise


1st session : gpp + speed squats

2nd session : all assistance work

same sort of split for ME day as well…
any other posible combinations or thoughts???

tahnks in advance!

That should eb fine, since Jim Wendler and Dave Tate do the same thing when they’re busy at work. I’ve done it also.

Yea good idea…that should work just fine…on max effort day just do gpp-max effort work in sessions 1 and come back and do some asseccory work later…big m