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Twice-A-Day Training?

I recently joined the military and now find myself waiting for my courses with not much to do other than train.

I am 5’10 170lbs (boring eh?). Max lifts are 285 bench, 325 squat, 405 dead. BF is around 10%.

I haven’t decided exactly what my goals are. I know this is blasphemy, but all I know, for now, is that I want to add size but stay in great shape. So I’ve decided to do ABBH and 400m sprints every other day.

An example day would look like this:

11:00 -> 3x 400m sprints with 2 minutes rest between. Try to keep each sprint under 1:10. PR for the 400m, which I just started doing 1 month ago is 59 seconds.

16:00 -> Hit the gym for ABBH.

The next day I’ll rest or do some light cardio and ab/calf training.

My question is should I do the 400m sprints on a seperate day? Are there advantages/disadvantages to training twice a day? I have TONS of spare time and resources (food, supplements, equipment,indoor track) so training twice a day 5 days a week is very doable.

Read an article about twice a day training such as HFT by Waterbury

I’ve read the body recovers better if you do your lifting in the AM and running for your night workout. I don’t remember the reasoning for this.

If you are doing sprints 3x week I would vary the workouts. Maybe a volume workout, moderate pace 400’s but do more of them, and then a shorter workout for absolute speed, either a descending ladder, or something made up of 200’s or 100’s.

I find if I do sprints and a workout in the same day I need to sleep a lot. It sounds like you have time for it though.