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Twice a day training

I was thinking adopting of twice a day training schedule that differs from the standard ideas put forward by Poliquin. Normally I train 3 times a week. This is all I can fit in mentally and physically. After a hard training session, I feel trashed and cant normally do any training the next day.

I was wondering though if splitting my training into two sessions would be more beneficial. I was thinking of 15 mins in the morning training only the ancillary muscles like rotator cuffs, grip and forearm work and calves. I find these muscle groups get neglected because the effort devoted to training the main body parts is so great.

So I was thinking of this. Still train three days a week. However on one or two of those days do a morning session, where all the ancillary work is done.

Would this be a feasible plan. I was thinking that the extra ancillary muscle work would not be too taking to the nervous system and could be done separately.

I have seen studies that show that if you split your workout into two sessions you will get better results. This is assuming that the volume and intensity are the same as if you were doing the workout in one session.