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Twice a Day Training

I know that there’s been a few threads on this subject matter and what I can gather on this is:

AM - 4-5 sets of one to two primary and one to two secondary movement per muscle group (4-6 reps/set)
PM - 4-5 sets of two to three auxiliary movements per muscle group (10-15 reps/set)
1-2 muscle groups/day

Obviously variable. For a person like me who’s lean and trying to gain:

· Protein: 0.3 G/LB both workouts AM/PM
· Carbs: 60:40(AM/PM): Start point 0.5 G/LB

My only issues are existing two-a-day templates (ie Bodybuilding’s Next Frontier) which incorporate several muscle groups per day. Do you believe that this is flawed and only 1-2 groups should be worked that day?

Another problem I would consider would be legs. Would hamstrings and quad’s have to be seperated? If so, I would think a typical split would consist of:

M: AM - Back PM - Back
T: AM: Shoulders/Tri’s
W: AM - Quads PM -Quads
R: Off
F: AM - Hamstrings PM - Hamstrings
S: AM - Chest/Bi’s PM - Chest/Bi’s
S: Off

Many thanks to Michell for his help on the info.

I would rather see you doing a more traditional routine to build up a base of muscle right now. A routine that has actually proven itself to work time and time again. Reason being, you don’t want to look back at yourself 6 months to a year from now and think “why in the world was I doing this fancy new age routine that hasn’t given me any results, instead of just doing what the big guys did. I’ve wasted so much time by trying to do things too perfectly!”

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but it’s not going to work any better than a basic bodybuilding routine so why take the chance and expend the extra time when you still have a lot of filling out to do?

This is just my perspective, it is what it is.

Point well taken, Mr Popular. I do have a bit more time this semester due to class scheduling and I thought I might take advanage of this. I’m still undecided as of this moment, but I thought I’d bring it up for future reference and for others who’d like to consider it.

If I had more time to workout, rather than try to do something like AM/PM workouts (which is usually reserved for more advanced bodybuilders anyway), I would increase the frequency with which I hit each muscle group.

Rather than each muscle group once a week, I’d do a 3 or 4 day rotation and take only one day off each week.

You can try two-a-days, but like I said right now you’re gauranteed to make solid gains if you eat to grow and follow a traditional strength training program. With a program like this it’s a gamble and an unnecessary risk, and doing something different just because you can isn’t usually the best way to make those leaps and bounds towards the long term goal.

I suppose that does make sense and I could use frequency in my favor that way.

The reason I present this is I’m trying to figure out what works for my upper body. I know my lower body loves volume (I’ve got the stretch marks to prove it and I’m quite bottom heavy).

Thanks, Mr. Popular.

At the moment im doing part time work and so able to do AM/PM workouts 5 days a week, doing:
incline press 5X5
Bor 5X5
squats 5x5

(doing one set of bench, then one of bor, then on of bench… ect. then doing straight sets of squats)

and in the evening doing:
wieghted pull ups 10x4
dips/or millitary press 10x4
Deadlifts 10x4

doing one set of pull ups, then on of dips, then pull ups… and after those doing straight sets of deads.
and if i have time on the pm workout i throw in some isolations like ab work or skulls/preacher curls.

then the next day i do the same but swap the rep and sets around so doing 10x4 in the morning and 5x5 at night.

Found this to work really well and have seen great size and strength gains in it, even after only 2-3 weeks. Find the fact that the workouts are broken up, im fresh and able to handle doing all those compounds in one day, and really giving it my all every workout.

[quote]alexisonfireuk wrote:
At the moment im doing part time work and so able to do AM/PM workouts 5 days a week, doing:

I’m curious as to what your stats would be, alex. The only reason I ask is I couldn’t imagine doing 10x4 alternating with 5x5 for five days straight on deadlifts or even squats. I’d feel like my lower back would just snap if I were using heavier weights (which I would assume you are trying to do if you’re using that rep scheme).

Dont get me wrong its not 5 days straight, tends to be 2 days on, one day rest, and so on. Tho some times i have really pushed myself and did 3 days in a row which is a real killer lol.

Its not as hard as it seems as i tend to think people overthink overtraining a little. i mean sure you need alot of rest to grow, but hollywood stars who get in shape in 5 months for a film (and arent using roids), seeing as they have all the time in the world to train and thats their main focus, they seem to do a pretty good job of it without ‘overtraining’.

im 5’10 and weight 180lbs

ATM im just back wokring out after recovering from AC joint problems.
for deads i did the last two days:
10X4 120kg
5X5 151kg

tho 3 weeks ago i was stuck on and had been for some time on 110 and 138kg. Each time im putting on the weightsd and just owning them, having stalled yet lol. Obviously they are not amazing lifts but im enjoying myself with them and hope to be up there with the big guys soon lol