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Twice a Day Training, Eccentric-Less Back Work?

Hi Coach, i hope this correspondance finds you and your family well. I have been fortunate enough to have a day in the week which can facilitate twice a day training. I plan on training Back and Traps in the morning and doing an eccentric-less back workout in the early evening - as per the link below.

Would the eccentric-less back training with the sled be useful as a second workout?

Well if it were not useful, I would not have used it :wink:

It will help, but it still training and it is still demanding on the CNS. While eccentric-less training doesn’t cause much need for physical recovery, it does increase the demands for neurological recovery so pay attention for any signs of improper recovery on that side of things…drop in motivation, fatigue, mood swings, drop in appetite but increase in junk cravings, etc.

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