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Twice a Day to Chris Shugart

Hey Chris, I was wondering when your article on twice a day training was going to be up? Cheers, Chris.

I haven’t started it yet. (Had to finish my Juarez articles first, plus the usual work.) It may end up being bigger than I thought. I’m getting together with John Berardi and we’re going to hopefully put together a killer program that includes diet, training, supplementation, etc. This might be a twice a day training program, not sure yet. My goal is for us to come up with a way to prime the body for a surge in growth. Most people who’ve been in the game a while will tell you that muscular growth comes in spurts; it’s not really a continual process. So how can we get ready for and maybe even CAUSE one of those surges to occur? It would involve diet and training to get it right. Anyway, that’s what John and I are going to work on.

Thanks for replying Chris. I was hoping your article would be up sooner cus I was planning a week off work soon so I could try it but ah well, it sounds as if it will be worth waiting for anyway. Maybe I’ll try an experiment of my own. Cheers, Chris.

Yea, looking forward to this one. Sounds cool.