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'Twice a Day' Question


Can I do two or even three big, different exercises, done in straight sets (about 5 sets and 5-8 reps) with break between them?

How long the break should be?

Currently, I do only one exercise per day, and my training never last more than 15 minutes.
Doing three exercises would be great exploitation of free days like Sunday.

for example:

deadlift 5x 5-8

  • break - (dinner, some activities)

pull up 5x 5-8

  • break -

ring push ups 5x 5-8


That seems like a good split as far as exercises go. I would make sure you're getting good rest and protein in between workouts. Any reason why you couldn't move the push ups in between the two back exercises so your back would have more recovery time?


well, there is no reason, just random sequence. I know it'd be better to put the push ups between (actually on the rings, there is big challenge for lats to do this).

So, What do you think, what range of time will be acceptable? Maybe from 1,5 to 3 hours for 3 exercises?


How long have you been lifting like that and what kind of weight kilos/lbs. are we talking about?

At age 25 what is keeping you from doing four-five different routines for and hour? Are your other days so filled you can't do an hour to hour and a half straight?

Remember sex counts as exercise too when your twenty-five. One arm workouts.


I've lifted like that about a month with very good results. I want to stay with short training. And yes, I had trained other types of training. Anyway my "kilos" are not big yet (deadlift about 160kg), so I'm pretty sure I can handle three lifts day.

Sex counts, I know - it has influence on hormonal level - there's no problem with that (I'll fit this into routine :)). One arm workouts - very, very rare


Carry on. You seem to be on the right path. Read as much as you can. Maybe even get a couple of bodybuilding books at your library.


Thanks for the answers