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Twice a Day: How Do You Do It?


I'd pick 2 exercises in the morning, supersetting back/chest in this example. Then I'd do 3 more exercises for each in the PM. Overall, probably something like:

AM (pyramid or wave-loading sets)

1A Incline Bench
1B Bent-over Row
2A Flat Bench
2B Pull-ups

PM (straight sets)
1A Incline DB Press
1B Kneeling pulldowns w/ rope leaning forward
2A Push-ups to failure
2B Seated Rows, pausing at chest
3A Seated Shrugs
3B Combination movement targeting lats and rhomboids. I think yesterday's article has something like that.


Check out this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/double_trouble_hypertrophy


I’ve gotten decent results working extremities and abs in the AM and larger groups in the afternoon. My week goes:

Tue - Forearms/Legs
Wed - Calves/Upper Back
Thu - Biceps/Chest
Fri - Triceps/Posterior Chain
Sat - Biceps/Deltoids
Sun - Rest
Mon - Rest

I typically work 10-12 rep sets for 30min in the morning and 3-5 rep sets for an hour in the afternoon.