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Twice a Day for Look Like a Bodybuilder

Coach I am on week 2 second round of Look like a bodybuilder,
I need to go to a seminar thursday night this week
could I do I finished monday could I do tuesday and wednesday tomorrow tuesday in the morning wednesday in the afternoon and then wednesday do thursday and friday then thursday do friday and saturday. Then get back to normal for week 3

I am not sure if I made sense, or would it be better just to start week 2 again the following monday?


Actually not really :slight_smile:

I would prefer that you stretch the program one more week. This week do what you can but do not “count” it as a program training week.

Thanks I thought you would say that but just had to ask.

Another question I was thinking to run this program three times so 12 weeks

After which I was thinking of doing a program keeping the same lifts but maybe something like your original Layers program. or maybe I bodybuilder.

Can you make a suggestion please.

That is perfectly fine as the layer is more of a blitz approach: gives very rapid results but should not be done for more than 4 weeks.

Again Thanks

I must say I just love this program, I am almost 50 and a former volleyball player
At one time very explosive and loved to jump,

Over the years explosive nature somehow vanished following some of the slow tempo stuff from coach poliquin,

This sunday during neural charge I easily no cheating box jumped 36"

I think this will be a great summer for beach volleyball

Thanks to you and this program.

So please keep up the great contribution.