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Twice a Day After 7 Months Off?

Last October I was forced to take a few months off of training as a result of breaking my pinky and badly twisting my ankle. The time off snowballed as my schedule filled up. A few months turned into 8 months. Basketball just isn’t worth it.

Right now due to an erratic work schedule I am getting into the gym 3 days per week but in 6 weeks I will be back in school and have the time to train 2x per day.

With only 10 weeks of hitting the gym 3x per week trying to regain some of my strength behind me, do you think I will be able to adequately/safely train 2x per day? What would be a good 2x per day training routine?

I think I want to do some variation of madcow 5x5 to make linear strength gains for my afternoon sessions but I’m not sure if full body training makes sense if I’m training twice a day.

Thanks for your help!

Are you set on twice a day? If so, why?