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Twerking My Routine

If my program exists somewhere then awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised it’s somewhat a cross between Arnolds golden 6 and reg parks 5x5. I’ve looked at many routines mostly by body builders from the 50s. That doesn’t bother me. I just have so much fun coming up with my own it would kill the experience otherwise. I absolutely love putting together a program and trying it in the gym. I get so psyched to see how it will work out and how it will feel.

A few on here are taking this a little too serious. I’m just looking for ideas. Brainstorming. A discussion. Not people trying to.tell me my way of thinking is wrong.

Also, if someone looks at a book I wrote and suggests a few changes, is it suddenly not my work anymore. Why can’t I ask for ideas on my own routine as well?

I have my own ideas of progression as well that you probably have an issue with. But I think the bigger picture is I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m having fun.

As for dips, I do Weighted dips. Currently I’m doing them with an additional 45lbs for about 10 reps. Pullups I’m doing with 45lbs also for about 5.

The input you’ve given me on my program is exactly what I was looking for and I’m definitely looking at changing a couple things now.

I.don’t do calves btw because they’re already the same measurement as my neck. I literally never need to do another calve exercise as long as I live, at least for size.

I agree about Bent over rows. I think this will help hit my lower back combine with the squats I think should be enough for now.

Also I did mention in my op, I don’t plan on 5x5 all the time. I change rep ranges often depending on how I feel. I just listen to my body and use common sense. Generally I do 5x5 once a week and 5x10 the other 2 days. Some times I may go real light and be in the 15-20 rep range.

You should have a plan for progression, and moving the weights up every week. Don’t “go by feel” because you will end up becoming one of those gym bros who does the same movements every week and makes zero progress after several years. Certain movements (squats) are better suited for 5x5 and others (your curls/tris) are better for the 15-20 range.

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I’ve always wondered this. I notice my arms only get sore when I do lots of sets for arms. Although I’m just learning being sore doesn’t always mean much

I’ve read articles on here that mention it’s best to train with all rep ranges not just one to hit all the fibers. However I’ve also read it’s a myth about the fibers. That if you want to hit all of them you simply need to train to failure or almost.

There’s so much conflicting info. Even after all these years people can’t make up there mind. Also a lot of info comes from so called professionals who take drugs so their info doesn’t necessarily work for a natural.

I read about Steve reeves, grimek, park, Scott and they all fallow the same basic ideas ans it worked for them. They built great body’s using there own ideas and routines and they didn’t take steroids.

Ive made more progress in 1 year at 27 than I did in 2 years when I was 20 following all the crap I read online. Once I stopted taking supplements, ate 3 square meals, and followed my own routines with my own ideas based on old school training I started having more fun and making more progress.

Hey maybe one day years down the road I may collect all my data and make an awesome routine that others will follow.

@tbonito I take back what I said after seeing your pics and the further information you gave. That is pretty good for 1 year of training and I think you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, I do not have much to add since the others have already given great suggestions so I wish you good luck.

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Yes. This is true. Also, lift the weight as fast as possible for maximal activation.

This is already on my favorite list of threads.

  1. OP shows up and posts a “routine” that’s just a list of exercises
  2. Clarification of goals is attempted
  3. OP’s goal is “combination strength/size” which is basically meaningless
  4. Several point out that the “program” isn’t really a “program” - just a list of exercises
  5. dt79 chimes in with my favorite post of the thread. I’m kind of amused that the OP hasn’t figured this out yet:

…by listing some exercises, asking people to critique it, what do you think is going to happen?

I really like Furius’ point here…

This would be the perfect answer. It would give you a framework to start from but allow you to customize and still get that feeling of building your own program.

I love the retroactive, passive-aggressive “stop hatin’ on me” nature of this comment.

Look, if you really want to build your own program, go ahead. Plenty of guys do very well with some sort of intuitive, do-it-yourself training. Since you’re lacking any specific goals other than size-and-strength, you’ll basically get that from ANY program that has you lifting weights and eating well, and there seems to be little purpose in further commentary. Please re-read what dt79 said: you’re basically asking for anyone who comments to help create another generic program. This thread is pointless. If you’re happy, healthy, and having fun, that’s great. Just carry on doing whatever you feel like doing - that’s clearly what you’re going to do anyway.


I think you’re missing what I’m saying. My bad choice of words is taking what I thought was simple and making it very complicated.

I think what I need to do is start out next time with more info.

I changed my mind after seeing his later posts haha. Going by his results and rationales, I think he’s on the right track. I think his first post was misleading and he just enjoys the creative process of writing his own program even if it ends up similar to others.

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Exactly dt79! That’s all there is to it. The part I failed at was not properly explaining what I was looking for and using the wrong words

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Yeah you gotta understand that for every 1 of you, there are probably 10 others with the same type of post who will end up spinning their wheels for years so the guys are being cautious when giving you advice.


Just 1 out of 10? Think your estimate is low…LOL

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Put it like this - if the members of this forum had a dollar for every training newcomer that came on here thinking that a template program that has worked for thousands upon thousands of lifters over the years was somehow unfit for them and they needed a special customized training routine, we’d all be diving into a pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.


@tbonito after reading your posts… I think you might like the book series by Stuart McRobert called Brawn.
Not a big fan of his for my own reasons but he does have some info you might enjoy and find helpful.

Legends… Dont hear many younger guys mentioning them on line IMO

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I’ll add that the Complete Keys to Progress has a lot of info regarding old school training and talks of Reeves and Grimek.

And I swear, everytime I see the title, I think it says “twerking my routine”.


Yeah thats a good one also…got it lying around in one of my closets. Havent read it in awhile.

This is nonsense. Most of the bad info I’ve read online when you were 20 actually came from underdeveloped natural writers who overcomplicated things with pseudoscience to establish credibility and differentiate themselves from steroid users or natties who had actually built a good physique. If you want to see a modern day version of them, look up Jason Blaha.


Another Book @tbonito you might get into is Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. Ill be honest I actually hate the SOB. for a laundry list of reasons.

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I Think I love you!!!

Let’s not forget the fact that the fitness industry is built on marketing to suckers. THIS is the perfect program you’ve been waiting for, THIS supplement will finally torch those love handles, HERE is the secret to accomplishing your goals … Buying some trace herb that “promotes natural testosterone” and following a hybrid of Kai Greene’s Mr. O routine and 5/3/1 is a lot sexier than eating right and doing a 5x5 program.

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