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Twerking as Exercise



I think we should discuss the pros and cons of this.


Tiny.white.girl.asses. :confused:


I do them between squat sets. Loosens up the hips and does a good job of keeping away from the rack asking how many sets I have left.


More from the instructor. Apparently her name is Anet Antosova.


...I'll allow it


Not to be dramatic, but this shit pisses me off so much. Women in this country would all be less insecure and batshit crazy about their bodies and relationships if they stopped being inundated with garbage exercise theories like this. I don't take it seriously, but some idiot will and that is why I couldn't handle being a personal trainer. People coming to you with a problem and a desire to fix it and they'd rather bounce around in a dance studio for an hour and be nowhere closer to their goal then do the basics or build up to the basics. Rant over.


A dance instructor who trains at my gym taught me to twerk True story.


Not sure how effective it is for the practitioners but I can say I experienced significant "growth" just watching it if you get my drift.


It's just a dance class, same as any other dance.


If that's what it takes to get some women off the couch and into some modicum of physical activity I'm all for it. Having said that, that dance instructor should do some squat/lunges to get at least a hint of glutes.


Just wait til the fat chicks start signing up.

They'll ruin this like they ruined jeggings and jean shorts.


I think we should turn twerking into an olympic sport. srsly.

It could go mainstream like crossfit. Instead of a "box", we could call it a "stage". I think it has potential.

"see you soon, honey, I'm going to the stage to twerk - I'll call you on the way home"

That would be, in the immortal words of Charlie Sheen, "WINNING!!!!"


2busy, I'm curious ... how did you happen upon this Facebook page? :wink:


Right. Calling its "exercise" will just invite the fatties to ruin it.


I appear to have been out logicked.


Hockey buddy shared the video.

I determined it needed to be discussed here. Seemed appropriate, with it being exercise and all.


From the evidence of the video, I think they have a screening process to be allowed into the training classes...

Then again, those videos are from Czechoslovakia...


Apparently the first workshop Anet offered.


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